APARTAMENTOS TEMPORALES is the commercial name that brings together different companies linked to the sectors of property leasing and tourism.

Currently AT is a clear leader in the market for temporary or tourist leases in Madrid, both for the quality of the services we offer to our customers, and for its important presence on the Internet.

Nour product is quite heterogeneous, since we are able to offer our customers, from a small studio for two occupants in a simple zone to large-area housing suitable for a comfortable stay of eight visitors, in a luxury accommodation.

Another clear example of the diversity of properties we manage is that we can offer our customers accommodation fully managed by us and also accommodation in Barcelona or Costa Blanca because of agreements with companies in the places mentioned.

We have a clear focus on properties managed by our group of companies, whether are owned or leased.

These are managed integrally by us, doing all the necessary work, booking, cleaning, check-in, check-out, payment of rent, so the owner can enjoy the good part of being, which is simply to monetize their properties while they are kept in good condition.

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