We are a group of companies composed of people with initiative and willing to collaborate in all that believe in the business plan we are pursuing. Although recent years have been really hard, with the effort of all we have maintained a solid increase and good prospects for future.

There are different jobs that normally we need, receptionists, maintenance, cleaning, telephone operators, administrative-accounting, etc.

If you think your professional profile could fit with any activity that could develop in the future, do not hesitate to send your CV. All of them are stored in the corresponding sector, so if we need someone those who know our website have priority.

As we believe in people, our culture is based on team spirit, enthusiasm for the project, so we are constantly looking for partners who share our values and positive attitude.

If you think you have something to contribute, and want to participate in any of our projects please send your curriculum.


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    Office address
    C/. Segundo Mata, 1 - Pozuelo de Alarcón
    Contact phone
    (+34) 915 488 200
    (+34) 902 992 222

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